Metal Studs & Metal Stud Framing Products

Metal Studs are an excellent building choice for both commercial and residential construction. Rosen Materials Metal Studs Framing Supply carries high-quality metal framing products from ClarkDietrich Metal Framing, MBA Building, EB Metal US, and Marino\Ware. We stock a wide variety of widths, lengths, and gauges, and can handle all your special metal framing requirements.

We also have a number of specialty framing products, such as clips from ClarkDietrich, Marino/ Ware, Chicago Metallic, Craco Mfg., The Steel Network, Simpson Strong Tie, or special tracks from Radius Track, FireTrack, and Flex-C Track.

Have a special shape, or need it made out of stainless steel, or aluminum? When it comes to those job specific metal special shaped products, we can help or direct you to a number of engineers specializing in the field of metal stud framing.

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